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Rio Tinto Rewards C.A.T.E.R for Innovation

21 October 2010

Rio Tinto has awarded the 2010 Terry Palmer Award for outstanding innovation in the workplace to the Pilbara Iron Railways division based in Karratha, Western Australia.


Rail Audit and Inspection Takes on a New Dimension

19 August 2010

Two established Australian Rail Inspection companies have combined forces to provide an expanded view of rail networks' assets. Using proven ultrasonic, vision recording, magnetic induction sensing and ground penetrating radar a more complete picture of rail condition is being offered to customers.


Another Tool for Predictive Maintenance

28 July 2009

Another function has been added to the already impressive array of rail inspection instrumentation developed by the progressive rail flaw detection systems (RFD) developer, CATER.


Dual Role of HANDWave Portable Tester

11 June 2009

The HANDWave portable ultrasonic single rail tester, (SRT) released recently by CATER, has generated considerable interest in the UT and NDT industry. This robust unit is the latest commercial development from the Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER).


Most Powerful Portable Tester Now Available

24 March 2009

This month sees the much anticipated release of arguably the most powerful portable ultrasonic tester for rail flaw detection. CATER, an Australian company with over a decade's experience in developing ultrasonic rail flaw detection (RFD) systems, has announced that HANDWave is now available for sale to the international rail inspection industry.


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